Yoga Clothes Women – dressing for success in the yoga studio

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is much to consider when investing in yoga clothes women. This article discusses several considerations in purchasing yoga clothing. Being comfortable physically, socially, and emotionally are paramount when choosing the right yoga clothing. It can be especially difficult for women to select yoga attire which meets their needs of expressing themselves while being of practical use. Bridging the need of your clothing to genuinely communicate your personality and to provide enduring service to workout needs can be a real balancing act.

The purpose of clothing

The clothing you wear while practicing yoga can serve many purposes. Your yoga clothing needs to provide you with comfort. Clothes that bind or restrict your movements drastically hampers your practice. As a result, your focus on the postures suffers. Your focus shifts to your attire rather than remaining on the position of your body and breathing. In this instance your clothing is actually a distraction and slows your progress.

Clothing that provides you with a full range of motion in your arms, legs, torso, and neck enhances your practice. It allows you to focus on the postures so you are getting the most out of your practice.


Your yoga clothing can help prevent injuries. Clothing which helps your muscles and joints remain warm can alleviate pulls and strains. The same clothing can help your body cool off slowly following a practice. This helps to prevent sore and achy muscles and joints.

How yoga clothing helps our practice

“I really loved the idea that clothing can be a catalyst to make us feel different and explore the different sides of who we are,” says vanguard director Crystal Moselle.

Clothing is a very powerful tool in helping you effectively express your own individuality and uniqueness. When the apparel you adorn to practice yoga makes you feel good you automatically have more energy and pep. Your practice becomes more inspired.

Clothing can be used to accent and help create a trait. Modest clothing can help you practice a stronger sense of internal rather than external development. Attire that is high end and inspiring can provide you with the vibrational energy you need to be more enthusiastic and focused on excellence. Vibrant clothing can be an expression of your own effervescence or it can help you practice being more extroverted and less self-conscious.

Different perspectives on yoga clothing

Please have fun exploring your different perspectives concerning your yoga wardrobe. There are many, exciting avenues available. Do you want your yoga clothing to be:

  • Primarily functional in nature?
    • Is comfortable and durable. It wears well and withstands the rigors of your practice.
  • Beautiful and inspiring to you and others? The print, patterns, and colors of your clothing stand out and have a strong sense of beauty. It serves as an instrument of inspiration and a model of excellence.
  • High quality?
    • Is quality a higher priority than cost? You pay more up front and do not have to replace your clothing for a long time. The clothing fits well and is highly functional.
  • Lowest cost
    • Cost is a higher priority than high quality and fashion. You are able to get great bargains. This keeps the cost down and allows you to have a higher number of ensembles from which to choose.
  • Fit in with the others in your yoga classes?
    • Sometimes it is nice to have a stronger sense of membership. Many times the outfits group members have become an informal uniform and indication of membership.
  • Set you apart from others?
    • Showcases your individuality.
    • Helps you express your unique self.
  • A means of creating separation from your yoga practice and everyday life?
    • Allows separation.
    • Can create an atmosphere where concentration on your practice is increased.
    • Gives a more definite start and stop to your yoga practice.

What is right for you?

Yoga Clothes Women

Many times having so many choices can feel overwhelming. One day you feel as if you want to express yourself. You want to express your inner joy and energy to the entire world. You are drawn to exciting prints and vibrant colors.

Other days you feel like fitting in. You want to look and feel good in your clothes. At the same time you do not wish to draw the scrutiny of others.

I believe it is vitally important for you to remember that there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to selecting and wearing yoga clothing. You may not always be able to control the limits of your body’s movements, strength, and endurance. You can control what you wear while you practice. You are completely free to create the yoga wardrobe which you enjoy. You have the power to choose the clothing which makes you feel better about yourself and helps provide the best possible yoga practice.

The most important aspect in all of this is genuineness. Genuineness of who you are and how you wish to express yourself. Yoga means union. A large part of creating this union is discovering who you are and being true to the that strength which is you. One of the most powerful ways in which you express yourself is through the clothing you wear.

Putting it all together

The clothing you choose to use during your yoga practice serves many purposes. They provide you comfort. Your yoga clothing needs to give you full range of motion of your arms, legs, head, and torso. Good clothing will help protect your muscles and joints before, during, and after your workout.

The clothing you wear helps your yoga practice. It helps you express your individuality. It communicates to you and others your personality. Clothing helps you identify with yourself.

Your yoga attire delivers you another vehicle with which to accentuate a trait on which you are working. Should you be building your ability to remain calm, clothing which exudes calmness will remind you of this. The clothing will help set the tone for you to practice calmness. When you want to be more expressive and less introverted the right attire will support you in this as well. Vibrant colors and upbeat patterns contribute to being more expressive and less inhibited.

There are no right or wrong decisions concerning your yoga outfits as long as they provide you the protection and range of motion you need. You can have different ensembles to meet your different needs. Just as you have varying business suits to meet unique situations, your yoga apparel needs to be varied to meet unique moods and practice goals.

Please have the courage and self-confidence to beautifully express yourself. Be congruent with who you are and the needs you have. You deserve to get everything out of your yoga practice that you are able to. Wearing the right clothing will aid you on your journey towards union, towards achieving your goals in yoga.

I would love to read your comments. What did you find most and least useful about this article?

Be well,


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