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Purchasing women’s plus size yoga clothes does not need to be challenging. A cursory look on Amazon yields over 5,000 results when looking for women’s plus size yoga pants. We are often led to believe the search is much more difficult than it actually is.

Our culture gives us this image of female yogis being smaller women with a gymnast build. This is simply not the case. Women and men of all body types practice yoga and receive many benefits from their practice.

What is Satya and what does it have to do with women’s plus-sized yoga clothes? Satya is a Sanskrit word for truth and it is the second of the five Yamas (yogic ethical principles). One of the ways of practicing Satya is being genuine, being who you are, and following your passions.


The Oxford Dictionary defines “authenticity” as “based on facts; accurate or reliable”. When you are being authentic your actions are expressions of who you are. Authenticity means you are doing what you are passionate about. It means that you dress and express yourself in ways that help you feel good about yourself.

There are innumerable ways in which to practice Satya or truth. One is to determine for yourself what forms of expression best suit you and your personality rather than letting your culture do this for you. The idea that a person has to have an “athletic build” and cannot be larger than a size 6 to practice yoga effectively is simply ludicrous. The best yoga instructors I have had, women and men, were larger than the societal norm.

Another way to be authentic is to dress in a manner that is consistent with your personality and tastes. You know almost immediately if clothing is a true expression of you. When you become excited and energized looking at or trying on an article of clothing it is authentic. When you have feelings of resignation and settling, the clothing is not authentic to who you are.

Choosing a FocusWomen's Plus Size Yoga Clothes

To succeed in anything, a person must choose to focus on the positive and the possible rather than the negative and what is not possible.

If there is something about yourself that you do not like, you only have two choices. One choice is to focus on the negative and continually put yourself down. The second choice is to focus on the positive and possibilities and create action plans to either overcome the trait or to embrace it. Those are the only two choices.

For instance, if you struggle to build muscle and become stronger, it is in your best interest to recognize that and create workout strategies that address your body type. You may need more rest or a different type of workout. Doing this is being authentic, it is practicing Satya. More importantly, it is making you happier because you are being true to yourself.

Authenticity and Fear

If you are not in the habit of being authentic it can be very frightening. This fear is experienced by nearly everyone. When you see an article of clothing you like it can be a bit intimidating to wear it. You may fear it will call too much attention to yourself. You may fear what people will think of you because this is not something you have worn in the past. These things may occur and yet you will not be harmed by them. People will think what they will. That is their issue and not yours. Being authentic empowers you and greatly increases your confidence.

One way to overcome these fears is to begin by taking small steps. Find one area in your life and increase your authenticity in that area. Begin to verbalize how you truly feel. Take the actions that truly match your desires and passions. Doing this will be great practice and improve your self-confidence tremendously.

Change vs Authenticity

How do you balance the desire to grow and change with the need to be authentic? If a person has a natural, husky build it is not authentic to wish they were not built that way or to make attempts to change their body type. It is very authentic to want to get into shape and to look their best.

Wanting to change their body type is not embracing who they are. Who they are is perfect. By looking their best they are embracing who they are and expressing themselves beautifully. The first is an attempt to change their core being. Not only is that not authentic, it is also impossible and leads to much frustration and bitterness. The second is changing/improving the expression of who they are. This can be extremely authentic. It leads to empowerment and growth.

Expressing Yourself

Expressing yourself genuinely is one of the most powerful forms of Satya. To express yourself with fidelity is to embrace who you are. It also allows those around you to express themselves with fidelity. By being who you truly are, you are supporting those you know and love to be who they truly are. This is very loving.

In this article, clothing choice is being used as an example of practicing Satya. Clothing can be used very effectively for this practice. Through your choice of clothing, you have a powerful means of expressing your genuine self. Satya is practiced in many other forms such as the words we choose, the career we build, our interactions with friends and family members.

Wrapping up

It is much simpler to find high-quality women’s plus size yoga clothes than we are led to believe. Women of all builds can find the clothing which expresses their authentic self.

Satya means truth. Being genuine to who you are is a very powerful form of this yogic Yama (practice). While being genuine can be scary it has many, powerful benefits. It increases your self-confidence. It gives you a sense of empowerment. Being authentic enables those around you to be authentic as well. As a result, you not only empower yourself, you empower the people you know and love.

As always, I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.


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  1. The images that we get n our societies is that yoga is for tinnier women, not for plus sized women. The pictures on the internet also speak the same language. I for one have never really thought or entertained the idea of dong yoga because of the size of my body.

    You article however, has been so inspiring to me. You are very right, you one to succeed in anything, you need to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives. if anything try to learn something from the negatives. Your article has built so much confidence in me about my body and choosing what to wear. I totally believe it will do the same for all the plus-sized beautiful women out there.

    Thank you

    • I really appreciate the feedback. 

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