Women’s Hot Yoga Clothes-Sizzling Tips

Clothing is a vitally important element in any yoga practice. Your clothing is an expression of who you are. Additionally, it provides you with essential supports such as comfort, support, and safety. It is very critical that women choose the correct clothing for their Hot Yoga practice. I am happy to share some sizzling tips on women’s hot yoga clothes.

What is Hot Yoga?The founder of Hot Yoga

Before we look into the needs of women’s hot yoga clothes, let’s first take a look at Hot Yoga itself. Hot Yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury. It is said he started the school of asana practice while he was in Japan. The story goes he turned up the heat in the Japanese yoga studio to replicate the heat found in India.

In the 1970s, Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga came to the United States when Mr. Bikram moved to the country. Hot yoga is practiced in hot, humid conditions.

The founder purports the heat and humidity helps rid the body of toxins and impurities. Additionally, he teaches that practicing yoga in these conditions helps prepare the body to move and exercise.

Hot yoga is a very rigorous form of asana practice. Poses are often held for long periods of time in hot and humid conditions. Bikram Yoga has become quite popular in the United States. It is extremely challenging both physically and mentally.

What Clothing is Best Suited for Hot Yoga?

Like the name states, Hot Yoga is practiced in a hot and often very humid environment. So, what are the best women’s hot yoga clothing choices?

While practicing other forms of asana, many choose to wear loose-fitting clothing. This allows the body to have a full range of motion. Many women find clothes that are loose-fitting to be more comfortable than form-fitting clothing.

This is a mistake when practicing Bikram Yoga. The room is hot and humid. You will be engaged in a very strenuous practice for 90 minutes. As a result, you and your clothes will become quite wet. Clothing that is loose fitting will cling to your body and reduce your range of motion.

This can be uncomfortable. It can also lead to interruptions in the physical flow of your practice. You will have to pause to rearrange your clothing. Additionally, you will find it very difficult to move into poses that require twists or your arms and legs to be fully extended or bent in tight angles.

It is vital that your clothing wicks moisture. It will be nearly impossible for your clothing to keep you dry during a Hot Yoga session. At the same time, you need your clothing to soak up as much moisture as possible. It can be very startling and even dangerous to slip on your yoga mat because it is wet. This can interrupt your practice and even cause serious injuries.

You want to ensure your clothing is very comfortable. You will be doing an intense, yoga practice for approximately 90 minutes. You will push yourself to the extreme. The last thing you need is to be distracted by uncomfortable clothing.

Ensure your clothing fits you properly. I strongly suggest you wear your clothing during home, yoga practices before wearing them in the Hot Yoga studio. This will ensure that your clothing fits correctly and is comfortable.

I strongly suggest you speak with a friend who practices Hot Yoga. Ask her what clothing she uses when practicing. This can give you a great place to start. If she has been practicing a while she can give you great tips on what to wear and what to avoid.

Where to Purchase our Hot Yoga Clothing

Most of the big-name yoga clothing stores offer hot yoga attire. Businesses such as Lululemon, Alo, and Amazon, to name a very few, are businesses where you will find and purchase the clothing to meet your Hot Yoga needs. These, and several other name brand establishments, will give you many options from which to choose.

A large percentage of yoga studios now carry options for women’s Hot Yoga clothing. Many times yoga studios charge a little more for their products. At the same time, you get personalized services and face to face recommendations. Your fellow students can be great sources of information for your clothing and accessory needs.

Women’s Hot Yoga Clothes Wrap UpWomen's Hot Yoga Clothes

Clothing choice is very important for women practicing Hot Yoga. Your yoga apparel can make it possible for you to have a focused and intense workout. Poor clothing choices can be disastrous. Loose clothing can bind you and restrict your range of motion. The heat and humidity found in Hot Yoga studios require you to have clothing that fits properly, is comfortable, and readily wicks away moisture.

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