Shop Women’s Yoga Pants-Getting Your Wants

Her clothing choice allows her to perform this asana.

Your body and yoga practice are very unique to you. When you shop women’s yoga pants you need to have the knowledge and selection options to get what you really want and need. Having the right yoga pants will better enable you to focus on your yoga practice so you can get the maximum benefits from your efforts.

Buying Based on Price

Price is a consideration when you shop for women’s yoga pants. It is silly to pay too much for something or to buy something and not get your money’s worth. At the same time, you can make a mistake when buying based on price alone.

Often, the least expensive items are not well made. As a result, they neither look as good or last as long as something that costs a little more. You can spend more money by purchasing the cheapest item. They wear out faster or do not perform as you need. When that happens you are stuck having to buy something else.

Buying Based on Quality

A better strategy is to purchase based on the quality you need. A yoga teacher who spends all day in the studio teaching classes needs a much higher quality of yoga pants than a student who practices chair yoga twice per week. The student using a minimally stressful practice still needs yoga pants that serve her needs. At the same time, her yoga pants do not need to be as durable as the yoga teacher’s pants. The first step is deciding what you really want and need as far as quality is concerned.

Buying the Style you Want

There are so many style options when buying women’s yoga pants. There are form-fitting pants. There are pants that are extremely loose. There are pants that have a stirrup for the foot. Some yoga pants are knee-length while others drag the floor, and still others are a mid-thigh length. There are yoga pants that help keep you warm while others help keep you cool and wick away moisture.

It is a very good strategy to eventually have different styles of yoga pants. This gives you choices when deciding what to wear. You can wear more cooling bottoms when your practice is especially rigorous or done in a warmer environment. You can have pants that keep your joints and muscles warmer if your practice is in a cooler environment or is less rigorous.

Purpose Determines Style

Most of the time the purpose of your clothing plays a large role in the style you choose. If your practice is Hot Yoga your clothing will need to be tighter fitting. This will keep the clothing from binding you in the hot and humid climate present in Hot Yoga studios. The clothing will need to wick away moisture to help keep you dry. Additionally, Hot Yoga pants need to release heat. The practice environment and intensity will cause you to become hot.  Your clothing must help release that heat in order to keep you from overheating.

Her yoga pants giver her the comfort to meditate.

On the other end of the clothing scale is meditation. Often your body will cool down during meditation. As a result, the pants you wear during a meditation practice need support keeping you warm. These pants can be very loose-fitting to allow for maximum comfort. The material can have a more insulating nature. The pants need to give your legs the maximum amount of room possible for you to be as comfortable as possible. Pants worn for meditation are best if they are extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear. This will provide the least amount of distractions for your meditation practice.

There are several options when doing restorative yoga. The poses are held for long periods during Restorative yoga and Yin yoga practices. There is not as much movement. As a result, you have several more options for yoga clothing styles.

Typically you do not sweat very much during these two practice styles. Clothing that is cooling and wicks moisture is not necessary. However, comfort is paramount. Because the poses are held for lengthy periods and your mind travels inward, your yoga attire needs to be so comfortable they are forgotten.

You will most likely prefer clothing that fits loosely. The clothing can have a looser weave and be thicker. This will give you padding while you are holding poses. The clothing will be more comfortable if it is soft and smooth. Often clothing made from cotton, bamboo, and other natural fibers is your best bet.

Vinyasa is the most widely practiced yoga style. This type of yoga requires much movement of the body from one pose to the next. The poses are not held very long at a time. The movements “flow” from one to the next.

Your Vinyasa yoga clothing will need to “flow” with you as your move. You do not want clothing that bunches up. This is most uncomfortable and restricts movement. Additionally, you do not want clothing that catches on your knee and elbow joints. This too restricts movement and interrupts your flow.

Shop women's yoga pantsClothing that fits loosely can work well. If you wear loose-fitting clothes it is better if the pant cuffs are tight around your ankles, calves, or knees (depending on the length of the legs). This will prevent your pants from bunching and catching on your joints.

Form-fitting clothing can work well for Vinyasa yoga. Make sure the clothing breathes well if it is form-fitting. Form-fitting clothing needs to stretch to follow your body’s movements without restricting them.

Finding What YOU Really Want and Need

There are several options for each style of yoga you practice. Most likely you will need different clothing for styles that are drastically different from one another. Start with buying yoga pants that are best suited for the style you practice the most. As your practice progresses you can add to your yoga wardrobe. This will give you options of having the pants which optimize your yoga practice.


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  1. I am not yet into yoga though I have tried it a few times. And I’m very interested to practice it for my health and wellness. I heard about different yoga poses but I didn’t know that there are different kinds of yoga. Much more, I have no idea that there is a specific pants for yoga. I though I can just use any comfortable workout clothes or leggings!

    Thank you for this very helpful information on having a proper yoga pants.


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