Organic Yoga Clothes—prAna & Ahimsa

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This article gives you some ideas of how to use an everyday activity such as shopping for organic yoga clothes to practice Ahimsa (non-violence). Ahimsa is the foundation on which the eight limbs of yoga are built. This article will help your yoga practice by showing you a very practical and powerful way to advance your yoga practice and use amazing clothing and props in the process.


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term that means non-violence. This is the first ethical principle (Yama) of yoga and guides the other four principles or Yamas. Ahimsa means that you live a life according to your values in such a way that you do not cause harm to yourself or others. The term is expansive and comes from a stance of abundance rather than a stance of sacrifice and lack.

When you practice Ahimsa you experience much more freedom. Ahimsa takes away the many causes of guilt that rob your energy. It infuses you with confidence and energy. Ahimsa is the first Yama and the Yamas are the first of the eight limbs of yoga. This makes Ahimsa the very foundation on which advancement in a complete yoga practice is made.

Ahimsa and Organic Yoga Clothes

Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence. This includes practicing kindness to yourself. Many yogis believe that you must practice non-violence towards yourself as a first step. Your yoga practice is part of this. You take time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself by practicing yoga. The clothes you wear and the equipment you use can be a part of this practice as well.

You are practicing Ahimsa when you wear clothing that fits you well and helps express your personality. Additionally, wearing good clothing positively supports your yoga practice. prAna is a company that gives you several clothing and yoga prop options. It is a vehicle you can use to practice Ahimsa. Their clothing is high quality. They give you several options to express yourself effectively while wearing yoga clothing that allows your yoga practice to be its best.

Cotton PlantThe environment is another focus of Ahimsa. By doing your part to care for the environment you are practicing Ahimsa. Caring for the environment helps your family members and the rest of humankind. Thes is a way to practice Ahimsa on a larger scale. Every time you recycle you are practicing Ahimsa. When buying from companies that have environmentally sound practices you are practicing Ahimsa as well.

prAna & Ahimsa

prAna uses recycled wool and organic cotton in many of their products. Additionally, prAna uses “responsible down” and “responsible packaging” which minimizes its footprint on the environment. This company is fair trade certified. The culture of their business is supportive.

prAna provides information from experts in fields such as yoga, rock climbing, and surfing. These people act as “Ambassadors”. They share their adventures and experiences so that you may learn and grow.

prAna’s clothing and accessories are highly rated. I have found their prices to be fair. They offer a wide variety of clothing options. Whether you are a beginning yogi or have years of experience, you can find everything you need to have a very successful yoga practice.

prAna Houmous Women’s Yoga Bootcut Pants Inner PocketDisplay prAna pants

These versatile pants are suited for yoga and outdoor recreational activities such as running and cycling. These comfortable pants work very well for everyday wear. This item has over 5,600 reviews on Amazon. 84% of these reviews are 4 stars and above. With so many reviews you can find several answers to questions you may have concerning the product and its uses.

They are consistently reviewed very high for softness, comfort, and suitability for working out. The fabric stretches well to move with you without binding. This gives you a full range of motion while practicing yoga. The fabric breaths well while wicking away moisture. On top of all of these, the fabric is non-see-through. The cut is stylish and quite functional. A very practical sizing chart is readily available to ensure you get the proper fit the first time you order.

This product is of high quality and provides you with the comfort and confidence you need while practicing yoga. You will be able to fully express yourself in comfort. As a result, the product can be an aid to your Ahimsa practice as well.

This is just one of the many products the company carries which can meet your yoga clothing needs. It is a joy to peruse their offerings and discover affordable, high-quality items.

Wrapping Up

Ahimsa is the first of the Yama and Niyamas. The ancients taught us that to follow the other nine principles a yogini must be well established in Ahimsa. Ahimsa is the base on which the other practices are built.

Practicing non-violence towards yourself and the environment are very strong and practical ways to establish yourself in Ahimsa. One way to practice both at the same time is through the items you purchase. There are many avenues in which to use your purchase to practice Ahimsa. This article gave an example of how to do this. I am very curious to hear your ideas on this subject.

As always, I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.


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