Making Your Dollars Stretch–Discount Yoga Clothing for Women

The clothing you wear during your yoga practice is very important. When purchasing discount yoga clothing for women, most of us want our dollars to stretch as far as possible. We will discuss some very simple and effective strategies to accomplish just this.

Frugal vs. Cheap

The Oxford Dictionary gives the following definition for “frugal”:

-“sparing or economical with regard to money or food”

This definition implies that one is getting the most for their money. The person is not wasting money by spending more than is required to get their needs met.

On the other hand, the Oxford Dictionary gives this as the definition for “cheap”:

-“inexpensive because of inferior quality”

-“charging low prices”

These definitions do not feel as good. They mean that, while paying less, a person is getting less than desirable goods.

Frugality is a very desirable quality in a yogi. It means the person is getting value for their money. It comes from a place of abundance. Yogis who are truly frugal do not try and use money to buy prestige or social standing. They are humble yet confident. These are both very yogic qualities.

Cheapness, on the other hand, comes from a place of lack. It is a strong symptom of emotionally collapsing because of fear. Yogis who are cheap are attempting to get something for nothing. They lack the confidence needed to spend enough money to have nice things. They lack confidence in their ability to attract abundance. These qualities are not consistent with yogic philosophy.

What do you want your clothing to do?

Your yoga clothing serves many purposes. One purpose is to cover and protect your physical being during your practices. The durability requirements you have for your yoga clothing depends largely on the frequency, the intensity, and the type of asana you practice.

Expressing your personality or emotional state is another purpose your clothing has. Your personality may be subdued. As a result, you may prefer to express yourself with subtle colors and shapes.

On the other hand, your personality or emotional state may be such that you want to radiate energy and vibrancy. Your yoga clothing can definitely help you with that. You will want to choose yoga attire that is rich in color and patterns. Take a second or two and listen to yourself when choosing your clothing. How do different colors make you feel? How do different prints and patterns strike you emotionally. These are very strong clues as to the type of clothing patterns best suited to meet the needs of your personality and emotional state.

Finding Sales

Many websites have a sale section. This section often contains clothing patterns and colors which are being replaced by a new season of clothing. This can work to your advantage. You have the opportunity to pick up good quality yoga clothing at discounted prices. That is being frugal and not cheap.

At the same time, you want to be careful. Clothing that is on sale land being discontinued may be faulty. Be sure and read reviews and/or look at the ratings before buying the clothing. Purchasing inferior clothing in the sale section because you do not have to spend as much money is being cheap and not frugal.

Online Name Brand Sales

A cursory look at some of the name brand yoga suppliers will give you several options for finding yoga attire that is on sale. One advantage of using the sale section of respected businesses is that they are much more likely to have quality items. You can look at the following article for suggestions on reputable, name-brand suppliers.

Name brand websites generally carry very high-quality items. Their business is largely dependent on repeat customers. As a result, these businesses carefully build and maintain a reputation for quality and customer services.

Additionally, these businesses tend to specialize in yoga. Consequently, they often have much knowledge and expertise in the field of yoga. Their selection is directed at people who practice yoga. Their research teams keep their products on the cutting edge of quality.

Many times the bigger, name-brand sites have experts who write blogs. Often these experts are available for consultation through social media or the posts they have on the site. Again, these types of services give you many more options and resources to help you and your yoga practice to be the very best.

How to look at reviews

My bet is you look at reviews and do plenty of research while making your purchasing selections. This strongly indicates frugality rather than cheapness and is very yogic. YAY!

Reading reviews can be tiring and taxing. Here are a few suggestions to make this part of the process more fruitful and enjoyable.

  • 1) Begin your reading by looking at the overall ratings and how they are dispersed. Are most of the ratings right in the middle? Are they equally dispersed throughout the range of ratings? Ideally, you want to see ratings that are primarily in the top 2-3 rating categories. This lets you know that the majority of the people were very pleased with the item.
  • 2) Read a handful of reviews to get a sense of peoples’ opinions. You will want to look at both positive and negative reviews. The positive reviews will let you know if the priorities the raters have match your own. The negative reviews can give you a sense of any negative patterns present. An example is if the clothing sizes run smaller than normal. If this is the case you know to order a slightly larger size than you normally would.
  • 3)    Be careful of negative ratings. Many times when looking at the negative ratings you will find that people are really telling on themselves. People will make negative comments about the product when in actuality it is the person’s shortcoming that is the issue. An example is when a person complains about the clothing restricting their range of motion when the clothing style is better suited to a less, physically rigorous type of yoga practice.
  • 4)    Read just enough ratings to get a feel for the overall picture. Often, when reading ratings you will quickly find that you are essentially receiving the same information over and over. At this point you do not need to read anymore. My experience has been that approximately 10 ratings, with a mixture of positive and negative comments, is usually enough to get a good idea if the item will meet my needs.

Putting all together

Remember to have the mindset of being frugal rather than cheap. Frugal is yogic while cheapness comes from a place of lack. Your clothing serves many purposes that are very important to you and your yoga practice. When finding good deals you want to ensure the clothing you select serves your purposes and helps you express your true self.

Many times name brand suppliers and businesses give you better deals while maintaining a high degree of quality. Looking at reviews can be fun and does not have to be time-consuming.

I sincerely hope this article helps you in your yoga practice. Please leave any comments or questions. I would love to hear your perspectives and learn from you.

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